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Amelia’s dress is done!

December 13, 2015


It felt really good to finish something I started in a timely way. Amelia loves her dress, so much that she asked to wear it to school the day after it was completed. Read more…

Plain Bubble Dress for Amelia

December 9, 2015


Read more…


December 5, 2015


Read more…

Falling apart and a tangent and how group mentality makes me nauseous

December 4, 2015

I feel like one of those people who age really fast. Like one moment they look young, and the next they are wrinkled and grey. I find nothing wrong with becoming wrinkled and grey, it’s the speed at which it seems to be occurring.

It is a testament to the fact you need to move to stay young, and I haven’t been moving my body as much. My foot/ leg  infection over the last month has been limiting me. Read more…

Stupid insomnia

December 1, 2015

The last couple of night I have been up… WAY past my bedtime. Like really late. I don’t know why other than I am really craving alone time and the only time I can carve out when I know I won’t be interrupted any second and can actually relax is once everyone else is asleep. Then that second wind sets in and well the rest is history. Yawn. Read more…

Everything but the kitchen sink Thanksgiving Soup

December 1, 2015

When faced with about 5 lbs of left over turkey because you 1. Over estimated how much you needed and 2. Overlooked the damn bird so no one really ate it. What to do? Also no one took any leftovers home even after I offered. (Not that I am complaining because I have been eating good for the last 3 days! But the thanksgiving left overs were getting old figuratively and literally.)

Thanksgiving soup to the rescue! Read more…

Do you compost ?

November 30, 2015


Do you compost? We have a couple compost bins running in our back yard. Do they smell? Nope not really. Is it hard? Goodness no! I personally don’t worry about my greens and browns, and just throw it all in and turn it about once a month in the warm months. Read more…

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