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Amelia’s dress is done!

December 13, 2015


It felt really good to finish something I started in a timely way. Amelia loves her dress, so much that she asked to wear it to school the day after it was completed. I talked her out of it since art was her rotation this week at school. The next day she insisted on wearing it and said she would take it off for art class. Which she did. She was so excited and proud to wear something I made for her. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends that her mom knit it just for her. (Aww seriously makes me want to cry a little.) I didn’t expect her to want to show it off. I just wanted to to at the very least wear it. (Unlike Zoey who wouldn’t wear the dress I knit her earlier last month.) so in completing those garments I am becoming more confident in knitting. Which is awesome because I have always wanted to get better at it, and make more complex things.

So for an interim project for holidays gifts Amelia and I are arm knitting scarves. I wore mine out last night and got a few compliments. Guy thinks I should open an etsy store. (Aww isn’t he sweet and always entrepreneurial.)
I’ll post pics of the scarves soon.
Until then I will lay back and rest the remainder of last night off. Guy and I went to the summit hill whiskey society gathering last night (and his office party.) While I am not much into whiskey, I wanted to be with Guy sharing something he really enjoys. So when in Rome… I tried the whisky and some I liked, some not so much. All of them I took a sip and then poured the rest into his glass. Between each tasting I ate a lot of cheese and crackers and had a bottle of water. Over the night I probably had a total of 1 shot and 1/2 beer and 1glass of wine (we started at 5 pm and were home at midnight) so it really wasn’t much at all. I felt ok when we got home and we even watched a movie. Upon going to bed I felt sick and nauseated. I hate being nauseous, so I decided to speed up the inevitable. I haven’t tossed that many cookies in a long time. But I felt better. (I know puking sucks but just get it over with.) I drank a bunch more water and slept on the couch. I shook most of the night. I haven’t been this hungover in a decade. It really took me by surprise because I wasn’t drunk. I almost drove us home, I felt that fine. I wasn’t drunk or buzzed Kristina which is very obvious when you see her. So this really took me off guard. I pray it’s not a stomach bug. So now it’s 4 pm and I am finally crawling off the couch. What a wasted day. My kids were at Bette’s which was a godsend, but I had all these plans to clean and get the house in order. (I hate that I spend a lot of my time cleaning when I just want to be playing with Zoey.) so my home isn’t that clean persay, but it’s never so dirty or cluttered that my children can’t have friends over to play (which often was the case for me as a kid.) I promised myself no matter where we lived how small or cramped or whatever that I would never make some lame excuse why my home couldn’t be clean enough for my children to have friends over when ever. I also just have embraced that I don’t need perfection in order to extend hospitality.
Ok well that went on a tangent.

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