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November 27, 2015

Recurring themes abound

Crunchy Soup

 When I started to blog in 2003 it was a venture of personal expression. My hopes. My fears. My dreams. My life.     

Saturday, November 6th, 2004  

Patience is a virtue of which I have plenty.
Are these captions truly reflective of who I am. What can you glean from this? Can you feel passion the of my soul, the perspective of my eyes, the weight of each breath I inhale, the restlessness of my feet? I feel like no matter what I write, or what I project, I remain an enigma, mainly to myself. I am in this self-proclaimed box of a career. I have allowed nursing to define me, I should define it. Though, the meticulous nature of nursing is an aspect of my multifaceted nature.

I need an outlet of expression.   

I yearn to paint, sing, write, speak, and love.  

Patience is a virtue…

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