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Stupid insomnia

December 1, 2015

The last couple of night I have been up… WAY past my bedtime. Like really late. I don’t know why other than I am really craving alone time and the only time I can carve out when I know I won’t be interrupted any second and can actually relax is once everyone else is asleep. Then that second wind sets in and well the rest is history. Yawn.

So I might have stayed up and watched an embarrassing amount of The IT Crowd. I suppose I should just blame Melissa and be done with it. Kidding. 😉 glad to have found something to make me laugh. Not that I am sad, but I love britcoms and this is pretty top notch. Now if Netflix would just start streaming my other fav “please like me” from Austraila (thanks Karen for that recommendation!) i would probably be completely nocturnal.

I have been kinda down lately about my stupid foot. STUPID FOOT! not to get into details but I supposedly had an infection in my lymph nodes of my leg ( I completed a 10 day regimen of antibiotics, but my foot is still painful and the lymphnode indurated (aka hard.) my doctors are frustrating the hell out of me. Anyways, my foot hurts, but it’s getting better. And I gained back all the weight I lost in sept. (About 7lbs.) plus another 3-5. With Thanksgiving. Grr… Oh well I figure I will start dieting again in the new year… Because damn it life can be short and I like cookies and pie damn it. (And if this foot thing is something more serious then fuck it I don’t want to think I didn’t eat that piece of pie. I said piece not the whole pie… Which I might have done over three days… Shhhh….

So yeah I have not been sleeping well… Which is one of the signs of depression for me. So I am going to take a walk with Zoey tomorrow and ignore my foot. Probably will go numb anyways because it’s fricking cold in MN.

Side note: it snowed snowman snow today. The kids were in heaven. It was fun to hear them working together in the back yard to create whatever it is they were making, I haven’t looked yet. (mom of the year here!) I had hot chocolate with marshmallows waiting for them when they were done. (I hope that makes up for not donning my jacket and boots to check out their snow creations.)

tomorrow’s forecast is for another 3 -5 inches of snow

homemade chocolate chip cookies and an after school play date with several of my children’s friends. They are great Kids and I am looking forward to it! Last time they were over we made candles. fun times !  Probably do some decorating too!

Have a good night and check out the IT crowd. Good stuff.


ps if you read this non sequitur ramble you are my hero.



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