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December 5, 2015



The “Knit-together” was a hit. Or as Guy referenced his local news paper reporting on the Senior Center’s events, “and a good time was had by all!” Funny how knitting is equated with the elderly, the pious, or the quiet because this gathering was none of those. When the children are away, the mamas will play… And swear… And tell off color jokes… And cross stitch curse words for dear friends. About a dozen ladies joined in the irreverent fun. My friend Jeannie wasn’t sure if she could come down to the basement as say, “what’s up my crafty bitches?!?” I laughed and said, um this is my house and yes that would have been completely appropriate and welcomed. Not much knitting was completed through the loud talking Amelia said she could hear through the vents, but connections were made, women reconnected, and laughter was had. This was not a gathering for the easily offended, though if you are of that class, I probably don’t consider you a friend. 😉

Thanks ladies for making my first knit together about more than knitting yarn. I really love Saint Paul. This is something I hope to host again in the future, with all my crafty bitches. lol

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