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Do you compost ?

November 30, 2015


Do you compost? We have a couple compost bins running in our back yard. Do they smell? Nope not really. Is it hard? Goodness no! I personally don’t worry about my greens and browns, and just throw it all in and turn it about once a month in the warm months. Since we have two bins running, one is more “mature” than the other and I will layer the mature compost and the raw compost. I am not overly concerned with a completed product, but just decreasing the bulk of our waste. In three years I have gotten some completed compost and my veggies loved it. The big thing to realize the nutrients will be used all up by the bacteria eating the compost, not until they run out of “food” will the compost be nutritious for your plants. Once the bacteria die and lyse aka  release their innards and thus the nutrients the compost won’t do much and may even deplete your soil since the nutrients won’t be bio available to the plants. So be sure that your compost is well matured before using it, or spread it lightly.

Before I realized this, I over did it. Now two years later my soil has recovered and is putting out veggies like gangbusters. If you have a different analysis of this please let me know. This is based on some reading and my own hypothesis.

So long story short, compost people. It’s easy. It makes compost. It’s a great stress reducer using a pitch fork and turning it. It’s gratifying when your garbage can be reused. And it’s aerobic decomposition for the most part, so it’s better for the environment. (Anaerobic decomposition creates methane aka the stinky stuff. So if your compost gets stinky, it means you need to stir it more. )


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