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I’m Kristina and I write this blog.

I would like to call myself a writer, or a cook, or a crafter.

Perhaps someday.

But for now you can call me: mom, wife, and RN.

And really, it’s all good.


The Crunchy Soup was born July 2010 after I lost the password to our old family blog and desperately needed a creative outlet. Otherwise known as my gateway to postpartum sanity.

Here you’ll find my honest adventures creating “home“ while learning  new ways to live rich while being frugal.

Eating nutritionally, living naturally, and creating homemade on a budget is my vision, but doesn’t always come to fruition.

I hope this won’t be one of those blogs you’ll leave feeling defeated and deficient, but feeling uplifted and refreshed.

I am real. I have dishes in my sink, clean laundry on my bed, and a kid napping on my lap, right now.

Thanks for visiting!



Why is it called “The Crunchy Soup”?

Because my friends used to call me “Soup” and supposedly I am a bit of a “crunchy mama?” Also soup is a mixture of many parts which combine to create something unique and greater than the sum of its parts. I like this visualization.

Soup? That’s a weird nickname. Why did your friends used to call you “Soup”?

Hey! Be nice. Soup or Sopa was a mighty fine nickname, and frankly I kinda miss it.

My maiden name was the brand name of a pretty popular soup. Figured it out? Mmm…Mmm good for you.

What’s your thing against white sugar anyway?

It’s nothing personal white sugar (and pretty much all sugars) except you wreak havok on my blood glucose, that’s all.

Oh, and diabetes runs rampant in my family, and…on top of this I am a hypoglycemic. So sugar you just need to get used to playing understudy in my kitchen, sorry buddy.

Oncology, that must be depressing. Why are you an oncology nurse?

Because cancer patients are my people. Oncology keys into my passion for holistic health and living.

Mainly, because my patients teach me so much about living and being alive.

Are you a chef or trained dietitan?

Legally : nope.

But I have taken my share of nutrition courses becoming a nurse and feel I have a pretty firm grasp on the subject. I have extensive experience with the nutritional needs of the oncology patient during chemotherapy/ radiation therapy. I would be happy to answer or find the answer to any questions you may have pertaining to oncology nutrition and refer you to the cancer/ survivor friendly recipes I have found or created.


Disclosure: I work part-time as an oncology registered nurse and I am NOT a dietitian.  Cancer and disease prevention through healthy living and wellness are two of my many life passions. I hope to one day meld these passions into a career as a  holistic health and wellness counselor/ consultant. You will find many of my recipes are geared toward the cancer patient/ survivor. Please consult your physician/ dietitian about your personal dietary needs. None of these recipes are guaranteed or proven to cure or prevent disease. If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks! (Sorry legal stuff.)

Your husband is a lawyer?

Yes! He specialized in personal injury. Who knew lawyers were nearly as specialized as doctors? So just as if you were to have brain surgery you would use a neuro surgeon, if you are injured you want to use a personal injury attorney. I am not saying my husband is a brain surgeon, but close.  Plus he is really nice and easy on the eyes, if I say so myself. And I do!

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  1. Nancy Kiernan permalink
    November 19, 2015 5:14 pm

    I don’t really know what password you want, I don’t remember having a password attached to this site… email address? Have enjoyed reading your site and watching your family grow….

    • November 19, 2015 7:24 pm

      Nancy Thanks for your readership. I won’t be using a password on most of my posts. I am seeking some increased privacy, while continuing to utilize the outlet of blogging. (I can’t think the same with a pencil and paper.) How did you find my blog if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Nancy Kiernan permalink
        November 19, 2015 8:32 pm

        I really don’t remember, but think it was listed as a favorite on someone else’s site. I read a lot of cooking and food blogs, so think that’s how it started….My children are all grown up, enjoy reading about your young family…been there and done that, so enjoy reading about others who are doing it now……Thanks so much for your response, I do understand the privacy, we all need some of that…..

  2. November 22, 2015 7:25 pm

    wow, I am flattered. Feel free to follow me on instagram
    @kristinamattsonmama 🙂

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