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Plain Bubble Dress for Amelia

December 9, 2015



This dress was cast on during the “knit-together” on Friday ( see previous post) and completed (fingers crossed tonight on Wednesday. 5 days from start to finish, not bad at all. I had a little trouble with the binding off for the arm holes. I don’t think the pattern was very clear. The pattern was originally written and Norweigian and translated by the writer into English, I think something Bill Murray style may have occurred. Either way I winged it a bit and managed through it with minimal frustration. I also used a cheaper acrylic, so I was more about the process with this piece than the outcome. I am very happy with the outcome though. Amelia can’t wait to wear it to school. I convinced her to wait until next week after she is done with her art rotation. She reluctantly agreed. My budding entrepreneur was also informed she is not to sell future creations by her mother to her class. (Just last week she took orders for these chunky cowl scarfs I made her. While I did make one for her buddy, it was for free, not for sale.) I am so proud of myself, and really excited to see my skills improve. I really want to try cables, but first arm knitted cowls for x-mas and mittens.
Yikes ! I think insight be addicted. It’s all I could think about today.

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