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About Guy

This is Guy. Guy  likes bacon, cashews, saltines with honey, burned bits of food, and the crispy end-piece of anything. Guy does not like to get his fingers dirty and is often seen eating an orange with a fork. Father, dishwasher, food sampler(!!), and also Kristina’s hubby.

They attended the same VERY SMALL liberal arts college in Minnesota, lived in the same dorm, and even napped on the same student lounge couch, yet never officially met.  Not until 3 years later when their paths crossed online; Guy in Minnesota (after a brief stint teaching  English in Prague) and Kristina in Southern California (living the dream).  Let’s just say, they took the scenic route to find each other and loved all they learned along the way.

Guy proposed to Kristina during a surprise trip to London in 2005 and they married Spring of 2007.  They have two little ones – Mia (Amelia)  and Doodle (Maxwell).

Kristina and Guy are thankful their paths didn’t cross in college except to warm the couch cushions for each other. Because honestly, they both had some growing up to do.

Kristina still enjoys warming her feet up on Guy. Guy doesn’t mind at all (usually).

When Guy isn’t being totally awesome, he is a lawyer.

From time to time Guy will pop in to share his passion for music, art, highpointing, injury prevention, child safety, and victim rights.

Disclaimer: Guy is always totally awesome, even when he IS being a lawyer.


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  1. Gina permalink
    October 24, 2011 8:40 pm

    I love this Kristina! It is so apparent the love and friendship that you and Guy share. You are lucky to have that!

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