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Everything but the kitchen sink Thanksgiving Soup

December 1, 2015

When faced with about 5 lbs of left over turkey because you 1. Over estimated how much you needed and 2. Overlooked the damn bird so no one really ate it. What to do? Also no one took any leftovers home even after I offered. (Not that I am complaining because I have been eating good for the last 3 days! But the thanksgiving left overs were getting old figuratively and literally.)

Thanksgiving soup to the rescue!

now this soup will likely never be exactly replicated, but this is just to whet your imagination regarding what you can do with leftovers.

1 onion diced

3 cloves garlic minced

3 stalks celery chopped


sauté this in some evoo or butter until soft and slightly golden.

Now you can deglaze this with the dreges of leftover wine… Wait what is that? I used boxed Turkey broth.

Whole box in

Then I added all the left over gravy

and the left over bourbon carrots

chopped up a bunch of turkey and threw that in

it needed more volume so I diluted some better than bouillon and in that went about 4 cups (half strength)

i added the left over stuffing (now you’re thinking, “girl now that’s too far!” Stay with me! In retrospect I should have waited and plopped it on top dumpling like… But it thickened the soup nicely.

I added some frozen green beans

and poof left overs gonzo!

My family devoured it. Which was weird because my kids turned their noses up to the very same food on thanksgiving. Go figure!


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