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Spring a time for renewal

March 21, 2016

While I have been bouncing back and forth between wanting to be around people and wanting to just give a big middle finger to the world. I have decided to just scale back my investment into my community and invest more into myself and my family. Which is where community and peace start right?

So in this the first day of Spring, I am taking advantage of the bounty of vegetables available and am going to invest in becoming a more healthy person. My eating habits went into the toilet big time this Winter. I have gained about 25lbs. I know I look heavier and that is ok, but what isn’t ok is how my body feels with this weight. I feel old. I feel tired. So if shedding the weight will help, and I can get back into my old jeans that is just gravy. If I don’t lose any weight but I feel better I am completely ok with that too. But I honestly think for my body the two go hand in hand. I have set a goal for this weight loss I am not going to publicly share because studies show once you share your goal you are less likely to achieve it. (Counter intuitive I know.)

So that is that for now. I am still knitting, every day and love it. I am going to add some exercise and use knitting as a reward. 🙂 We all have what motivates us.

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