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Sick ZoZo

December 18, 2015

My little zozo bumped her head on tuesday afternoon, hard enough it warranted a trip to the ER for a check. Then early Wednesday evening she spiked a high fever (It was 4 am and she was comfortable so I didn’t check it.) I let it ride because the body makes fevers for a reason. (To kill the bad guys.)  But the next morning she had spiked to 103 so she got some advil which brought it down. She was a bit of a fussy pants all day.

Guy worked last night until 10pm, he arrived home to see our three children and I tangled and asleep together on our two living room couches.   Around that time, I woke to a burning zozo,  she spiked up over 104.5 in her mouth. She was flushed and tired. Guy had worked late so I had him run out to get some tylenol as it is much more effective in reducing fever. I went into nurse mom mode, and ice packed her and applied cool cloths. Her temp came down and she went to sleep. So fast forward to 3 am and she spiked through the tylenol and was close to 105. She woke up gagging and throwing up. So into the bathtub her and I went.  And another dose of tylenol. I sat up with her down stairs on the couch, while Guy tried to get some sleep. Rocking and rocking, temp after temp, ice packs and cool cloths. Nursing and nursing. Through the early morning until 6 am  She was the perfect patient, I love her so very much. I even let her pick my belly button while she nursed without protest, it’s truly cringe worthy. If that isn’t love, who knows what is? Once the tylenol kicked in and her temp reduced to about 101.4, she popped out of my arms and asked for her daddy. Up the stairs we crept and crawled in with Guy. She snuggled in with the best daddy on earth, and demanded I lay next to her. Again I complied even though my teeth were unbrushed, and I still had remnants of vomit on my arm, at  least the smell persisted. I know why not just take her in. Well she was in good spirits, taking fluids well, making urine, and she had no other symptoms other than the fever. No complaints of pain, other than near her bottom, but she has a mild diaper rash. My only suspicion is possibly an UTI or an ear infection. But they checked her ears on Tuesday in the ER. I don’t want to take her in for them to say, “Yep it’s a virus, just watch and wait and keep her comfortable. Push fluids.” So that is what I am doing. If we have another night like last night. I will likely bring her into urgent care tomorrow. Or if she spikes high again this evening. High temps are scary. Luckily as a nurse I know what to do, and thankfully she is still breast feeding because it is the perfect food and comfort for a sick babe. (electrolytes, hydration, protein, antibodies, fat, and love)

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