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Updated with pictures! Thanksgiving cooking madness but I love it

November 25, 2015

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. I am pretty excited. Guy is shaking his head and tolerating my frantic nature.

(Being a little stressed and frantic are not always a negative thing. Side note, when did our society start to covet the cool cucumbers? Those laid back people, the easy going folks? I mean if we were all that way, nothing would get done right? Who knows. I struggle with this a lot, trying to fit myself into this mold of easygoing and nothing stresses me out… Maybe if I stop trying to be something I am not I would be less stressed…I digress.)

back to thanksgiving. I really love the planning and gathering the cooking. I kinda forgot about the place setting!? Yikes! Well we are going to Mac guyver (spelling) something. It will include sticks and a glue gun watch out! Thanks Pinterest.

Well gotta get back to prep… On the docket today pies! (Yesterday I prepped all the veggies for our sides) today I am going to assemble the potato dishes (sweet and savory) and the stuffing. So when the bird is done I can just pop them all into the oven (excluding the mashed potatoes those are going into the crock pot.)

i have the turkey dry brining. Oh lord please don’t let the turkey be too salty! I have never brined. I am nervous. But oh well.

Guy is coming home early today. Which is good because I am going to be busy.

Oh crud I gotta clean too!

Ahhh! Deep breaths you love this right 🙂

Yes I do.

I will hold the nay Sayers about my home at bay and think , their judgement says more about them than it does about me.

Ok back to gratitude and turkey.



updates pictures of the food!


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