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Striving for simplicity, arriving at complexity

November 24, 2015

It seems the more simple our lives become in many ways the more complex. Perhaps the simplicity allows room for the complexity, or as I should label it as “new complexity.” In simplicity we have a honeymoon period of bliss, release, ahhh… Then the complexity seeps back in as we inhale life. I have been fighting this for a long time. Treading water and then unplugging the tub only to have it fill



instead of always reaching for the plug, I should learn to swim? This doesn’t mean to let the water keep flowing and flowing creating more and more complexity. But to know when I have reached a comfortable stable  level and learn to swim. instead of the yo yo of uber simple to over complicated and back again.

Wishing myself on a Bavarian mountain top is not only unrealistic its selfindugent   . The honey moon would end and I would be possibly alone in bfe.

I think something less drastic is in order. Start small. (I need that reminder from time to time.) so I started with Facebook. Research says an average person spends 20-28 hours a month on Facebook. That is time I could be using to cultivate a hobby, cook, read to my child, etc… So no more Facebook. (At least for now.) since October 15 I have knit two pairs of fingerless gloves, a scarf, one mitteb, and a short sleeved sweater dress for Zoey.

I am thankful for this gift of


snd even if complexity arrives amidst the newfound simplicity. I am learning to swim, and resisting the urge to unplug and drain and be drastic.

How do you support and protect simplicity in your home?


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