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North Shore: Part 3 The Shore

October 22, 2015

Guy took the kids to the lake shore several times with and without me. Here are some of the most adorable shots.

Miss Zoey looking particularly grown up in this picture, enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (either way she gulps it down) with her handsome daddy.

IMG_5723 Max, Zoey, and Guy enjoying the shore while Amelia and I took our knitting class.


Zoey exploring rocks, while I was obviously not present. Just looking at this picture makes me nervous. I know Zoey is a very capable person and Guy is nearby to help at a moments notice. (I hope!) IMG_5726

Taking a break in the trunk. Max is like a cat, and soaks in the sunbeams. I appreciated his bright orange hat, it helped us keep an eye on him bobbing and weaving through the large rocks and boulders near the shore.



It is a very rocky and pebbled beach. The breeze was quite brisk, strong, and fresh biting our exposed noses and chins reminding us of Jack Frost’s imminent return.


“I do it! I do it!”

So I held her hand and toddled and hopped from rock to rock.

IMG_5730Lounging and sunning herself, How did she get so long?



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