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The North Shore. Part 1 – North House Folk School Pizza Potluck/ Talent show.

October 20, 2015

This MEA break in Grand Marais was an especially sweet one. Perhaps it is the age of our children, or the familiarity found in the novel, in any case, it was memorable.

Friday evening we attended a Pizza Potluck followed by a talent show put on by the North House Folk School for students and their families. We forgot to take picture of the pizzas. The school provided the dough, sauce, and cheese and about 50 other people all brought toppings ranging from Kim Chee to homemade chorizo to roasted potatoes to smoked trout to walnuts to artichokes to the usual suspects of pepperoni, peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms. It was quite the smorgasbord! Each person rolled out their own personal pan pizza. The kids had a blast doing this. (Oh how I wish I would have remembered to take a picture, but we were having too much fun!) Then topped their own pizzas with the toppings they desired. Max and Amelia got creative with their designs. Happy faces, stars, flowers, etc…to help them identify their pizzas post baking. The pizzas were then baked outside in a brick oven. Max was really really excited about the “fire oven” and dropped his pizza not once but, twice. Poor buddy. He recovered well, thankfully. Next year, if they have a pot luck we need to remember to bring some beverages. (a quart of chocolate milk, cups, and some beer or wine.) My stomach was not the only satiated, but the inclusive, welcoming community atmosphere was exactly what my soul has craved. If I had an outdoor oven which could churn out pizzas every 2 min, hosting a pizza potluck would totally be a shin dig I would host. Even the clean up was fun. I have never seen Max run to clean up anything. That kid was all over wiping down the tables, and Amelia was very helpful clearing away plates and shifting the chairs for the talent show following the meal.


More Faces

More Faces


Grape eating! One of the interns, asked the audience to toss (chuck) grapes at him to catch with his mouth. He was more talented at grape catching than I anticipated! So much laughter, and silliness. The kids were nearly on the floor with him.


Feats of Strength

Feats of Strength

Martha, another of the interns at the Folk School wowed Guy and I with her Feats of Strength. She broke an apple in half with her barehands. (I was able to replicate the feat back at the cabin the next day, but it’s harder than it looks. Go for larger apples if you want to try this at home.) Amelia and Max are still trying to break open every apple they encounter bare handed.

IMG_5676 IMG_5677 IMG_5679

This little nugget fiddled a tune called, “Boiling the Cabbage Down.” She played it on her head, behind her back, with her toes, while “sleeping.” Amelia and Max were impressed. I thought she was adorable!!! What a show(wo)man.



This man played a cover of a John McCutcheon diddy, “Water from Another Time.” I am not sure if I have ever heard it before. I loved the lyrics.

“It don’t take much, but you gotta have some
The old ways help the new ways come
Just leave a little extra for the next in line
They’re gonna need a little water from another time”

“Newborn cry in the morning air
The past & future are wedded there
This wellspring of my sons and daughters:
The bone and blood of living waters
And, though Grandpa’s hand have gone to dust,
Like Grandma’s pump: reduced to rust,
Their stories quench my soul and mind
Like water from another time.”

There were many other acts. I posted many of them on my instagram @kristinamattsonmama

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of our annual Grand Marais Vacation.

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