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Things my children might remember….

September 26, 2015

While I hope they remember feeling loved, and safe, and comforted. Here are the things I hope they remember too and why we did them.

  1. We didn’t have paper plates
  2. We used cloth napkins
  3. We didn’t use a mix, except for that Trader Joe’s one.
  4. Pancakes almost every Sunday
  5. Movie night almost every Friday
  6. Strawberry picking every Summer
  7. Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches in the Autumn
  8. Macy’s 8th Floor around the Holidays
  9. Homemade snacks afterschool a couple times a week
  10. Play dates with friends in our home
  11. Sewing and Knitting in the Winter
  12. Cookies oh so many cookies for the holidays
  13. Composting in the back yard.
  14. Tending our back yard garden
  15. Eating raspberries directly off the bushes every morning.
  16. Eating green beans and pea pods fresh from the garden in the summer.
  17. Dad walking them to school almost everyday.
  18. Mom waiting on the step or at the front door for them almost everyday
  19. Eating dinner together at the table with no screens almost every night.
  20. Mom making them wash their hands immediately upon entering the house after school
  21. Buying clothes and household items used when possible because mom would rant about unsafe working conditions and slave labor.
  22. Clothes lines full of clothes almost every day during the Summer.
  23. The smell of Thieves Oil and vinegar when mom was cleaning the kitchen.
  24. How dad would sneak us cookies and ice-cream when mom wasn’t “looking”
  25. Lava lamps and jazz music every night to go to sleep
  26. Volunteering is important.
  27. Speaking up is important
  28. Integrity is important
  29. Living your truth and not following the crowd is important
  30. People matter more than things.
  31. Money is time, so spend it wisely.
  32. Riding our bikes everywhere in the Summer
  33. Bob Marley and Michael Franti are good eggs.
  34. Hard work matters. Effort counts
  35. Be Kind. Be honest. Be aware of how you treat others.
  36. My home was stable. My home is a soft place to land. My home is my refuge. My home is a safe place to be.
  37. Last but not least, don’t talk shit about Bob Dylan.

I mean I could go on and on and I am sure my kids will come up with MANY more when they are grown…and may even disagree with many of these. No matter what, I hope these kids know they are loved, cherished, valued, heard, and amazing people just the way they are. And it’s an honor to be their parents. They don’t have to do anything to deserve me, and my love for them doesn’t have a prerequisite of them loving me first or being a “good child” in order for me to love them or to be a “good mom.” Being their mother will never change and will never have conditions for receiving love and care from me.

Honestly our kids are really awesome and really different from each other. Amelia is a bit more bookish and reserved. Max is VERY social and loves to make people laugh. Zoey so far she is go go go, and quite opinionated, and stubborn as heck.  I can’t imagine life without them, and their childhood is going way too fast. Sigh. (My childhood seemed like it took forever, that’s perspective for you!)

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