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Biking, Eating, and Shanties

September 21, 2015

Today Guy and I (sans kids) biked to breakfast at Colossal Cafe. (Highly recommend it. Come hungry the portions are large.) We then split up and I peeked in the local fabric shop and Guy popped in the local used book store. I then joined him in the bookstore and we browsed. I sat down and made myself at home in front of the various gardening books. Guy was lurking around many areas. We left with a book about gardening month to month in Minnesota, another about adventurous women in history (for Amelia) and lastly a book about following your gut intuition. Great choices on Guy’s part.

We then biked over to Max’s former preschool teacher’s pet project, a small urban cabin in the city. It is small with a foot print of about 18 X 30 feet. They used the space wonderfully. Guy is slightly obsessed with the Tiny House movement. I am sold on it with the exception of having a bathroom Guy would use in such tight quarters. If we made an outhouse of some sort for him, then I think I could do it. Pemly’s house was full of repurposed items, quirky finds. I really loved the energy and the look of the space. It really energized me. I love how Saint Paul has such a thriving community of people.

We then biked home and while Guy went and got the kids, I went on a walk with a dear friend, Megan. I talked her down from a house she fell in love with after putting an offer on a different house. I find house buying very akin to dating. Once you have an offer in, you don’t start prowling the dating websites. BUT this is not to say you well NEVER find another person or house comparable or attractive. There are many different people and house that could be compatible with you at any given point in your life, but what is rational is to love the one you’re with. To be content with what you have. This is of course barring any severe deal breakers. And sometimes we need to sell our homes for various reasons, too small, etc.. and move on.

So the other house was very good looking, and had great structure, but there wasn’t a lot of long term potential with it.

While it looked nice and would be fun and novel for a while, it lacked the depth of long term compatibility she needed.

I type this with my legs up and sore. Glad to be alive with working legs.

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