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Making Elderberry Syrup

September 20, 2015

Last night I tried my hand at making elderberry syrup.

It was kinda a disaster.

I bought 5 lbs of fresh elderberries! Ok… let me share with you fresh elderberries are a huge “UGE” PITA! I won’t ever buy them fresh again. Next time I will get the dried ones. I spent a LONG time picking them off the umbrils… it was very tedious, yet relaxing at the same time.

Last night Guy went out to a Whiskey tasting with his Whiskey Club. They now allow ladies in the tasting room, progress I say! LOL  I decided last minute to cancel on my husband, since hanging out with a bunch of old dudes and their old stuffy wives really wasn’t as appealing as sitting at home destemming elderberries and making elderberry syrup. Yep. That was my Saturday night. I am now officially old. I guess if getting older equates listening to that inner voice that says, “Stay in, do that something you want to do just for you. Fuck all those people. Screw the status quo.” Then yes I am old. So there I sat destemming teeny tiny elderberries, cooking them down, infusing juice with spices and herbs. The kitchen smelled amazing!

I was working on my third batch of berry destemming when I noticed a stem moving. Then I realized it wasn’t a stem but a fruit fly larvae. So I threw away about 45 min of plucking work (literally). I spied in the bag of berries, and noticed several more wigging about. Completely grossed out I stopped for the night. Popped the bag back in the fridge.

I was brain storming in my sleep apparently, since I woke up at 5 am and had the thought to put them in the freezer. So I got up and stashed the bag in the freezer. I do this with our flour if I am going to store it, as it kinda “Pasteurizes” it, as in kills any bugs , larvae and their eggs. So I am going to look at the berries and see how many larvae there are after freezing. I am not super yucked out as much as I am disappointed. I was hoping to sell some of the syrup, but I only have enough made so far for my family and I don’t feel comfortable selling or gifting any syrup based on the fruit fly larvae. Darn it!

While plucking berries, I discovered a new netflix show, Grace and Frankie. Hilarious.

I will add some pictures to this later!

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