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Adventures in Sourdough

May 8, 2015

imageI received a sour dough starter approximately 6 weeks ago from an ECFE classmate. I was SUPER excited since my past attempts at sourdough bread making were a complete failure. Well I actually never got to the bread part last time, I couldn’t get my culture to start. It was gross, and I skipped out of it. This time, oh this time it is so different. Armed with an established and proven starter, I was ready to bake baby! And bake I did. So far I have made many, ,many, loaves of white bread (gasp I know!) free form and in loaf pans for sandwiches. Several partial white, rye, and pumpernickel loaves, my last was baked in a loaf pan and made the most AMAZING sandwiches. Have I ever mentioned how much I love a good sourdough rye/pumpernickel? Well, I forgot. Back in high school I was slightly addicted to pumpernickel bagels from Bruegger’s (topped with cucumber, tomato, and mayo it was exactly $1.67…so good I can taste it now!) My home made rye is BETTER than those bagels (well maybe, but my memory is probably conflated with the exhilaration of “cheating” the menu and ordering sides on my bagel instead of paying for an entire sandwich which was about twice the cost…I digress…) So yeah rye is yummy and full of fun memories for me including my kick ass homemade loaf. I’ve also made cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and coffee cake, all utilizing my starter.

I’ll post my personal tips and tricks to sourdough baking soon. But until then I encourage you to check out these resources.

The Fresh Loaf – A place to nerd out with other bread enthusiasts.

Cultures for Health – Great video tutorials and a place to buy dried starter if you don’t have a friend willing to share their starter with you.

Gnowfglins – LOTS of great sourdough and traditional cooking resources. (I’ve only scratched the surface here.)

Do you bake with sourdough? What are your go-to recipes, tips, and tricks? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy baking!


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