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Play Doh and Play Dates

May 7, 2015

Being a stay at home mom definitely has its perks. One of which is hosting playdates! Max is a very VERY social boy. While I LOVE to play with him, and I do often, my ability play as intensely and frequently as he would prefer is limited. (Gotta take care of the baby, tidy the house, make dinner, fold laundry, etc… and usually he doesn’t like to join me on these tasks. Trust me I’ve tried.) Play dates are the answer! Max and his friend L play wonderfully together without much need for parental interjection or direction. They both love LEGOS and pirates and sports and mud. Today while L was over it rained. They asked if they could work with the play doh, I surprised myself by saying yes.



Miss Zoey was really getting into it. This is the first time I’ve seen her really use the tools to manipulate the dough. Max and L made me a feast of ice cream and cookies. YUM!

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