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May 6, 2015

The leaves have burst from their buds, as have my children!

With each breath Max is becoming more and more mature and creative. He amazes me daily! His imagination is quirky, sweet, and a place I love to travel to with him often, when he invites me in. He greets me throughout the day with, “Good morning/afternoon/evening mama.” Tonight he presented me with a card, on which was a heart. He told me the heart was for all the parents in the world, for all the loving. (Umm…could he melt my heart anymore?)

Amelia turned 7 years old. She is brilliant. The logic she possesses impresses me daily. (she must get this from her father!) Her intellectual prowess is so humble and non-condescending to others which reflects upon her strong character. She loves to draw and create and manipulate her world with her hands and mind. A tree trunk with a notch becomes an entrance to another realm of fairies and mythical creatures. A rock is not just a rock, but a gem to be coveted and collected. Oh so many rocks are stowed away in her room 🙂 She is adamant she will not have children and wants to be a scientist. To that I say, “You go girl!”

Zoey is 20 months old and is such a sweet and vibrant soul. Every person she meets is an opportunity for connection. She waves, says “Hi!” to nearly every person she encounters. Her continuous gibberish is now replaced with some comprehendible words. Her newest phrases are, “I see puppy?” “See my baby?” I like Cheese” “See yaya” “See you Guys” ” “keys” “Cheese’ “Shoes” mama daddy mommy no “See Owie?” and many more I am forgetting. She is obsessed with her baby doll, and carries her EVERYWHERE. Zoey feeds her, puts her “Nite nite”, brings her in the car, sleeps with her… they are inseparable. This is so foreign to me, since neither Max or Amelia were overly attached to an object. I am soaking up these last drops of babyhood as she grows into full fledged toddler-hood. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she is potty training. (I had NOTHING to do with this.) One day after taking her diaper off she ran to the bathroom and pointed to the toilet, so I put her on. SUCCESS! so now with EVERYSINGLE diaper change she must sit on a potty. Which is simultaneously awesome and a total PITA. Today she did a poo on the toilet. Not arguing here, Ill be damned if Ill be changing a 4 year old in a diaper. (Nothing against it if your kid is in diapers and is 4, but all my kids were self poop trained by 2.5 years old.) My philosophy, watch the cues. No one wants to sit in their waste, you can either train your child to go into a diaper or in a toilet…either way you are training them. (once they are cognizant of their bowel function.)

enough poo talk!

over and out!

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