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On Impetigo and Letters – Feb 2015

April 10, 2015

Saturday morning Max woke up and looked like he had teenage acne. We chocked it up to leftover pizza on his face and figured it would pass. Then it cropped up on his arms, his legs, his neck… And it itched. Oh the itching! So what is a mama to do? I brought him to the doctor.

“He’s got impetigo…look at that Max, it’s on your legs too. Well go big go home right?”- MD

“You have no idea!” – me

Max was a great patient and earned an icecream cone from the local pharmacy’s soda fountain. Upon arriving at the pharmacy, I forgot the solo fountain was closed due to a car driving into the side of the building. Crazy!!! So off to PJ Murphy’s we went, only by that time Max and Zoey were breaking down. It was super awesome.


Once we got home Max chilled with some tv I got Z down for a nap. Then I made a quiche, some more Apple pie oatmeal cookies, baked sweet potatoes, and regular potatoes, and defrosted some ground beef. It’s amazing how productive I can be when not interrupted every second.


3 days later…

The impetigo is under control. I missed my son’s sloppy kisses.

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