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Our visit to MIA – and I forgot my camera!

February 6, 2015

This past Tuesday Max, Zoey, and I ventured out to the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Art.) Our focus was to see a “Money” (Monet.) Max is learning all about Monet in pre-school and really wanted to see a “real money.” We are fortunate to have a thriving art scene in the Twin Cities, and a free art museum. I love that anyone can go and see art, for free. Art is for everyone! This was my first time taking Max there solo, and Zoey’s first visit. I was surprised how accommodating they were to me. They checked my diaper bag, provided me with a smaller canvas bag for a couple necessities, checked our coats and my ergo (after I was stopped because I couldn’t wear Zoey on my back and she is too big to wear in front.) When they informed me of the baby carrier situation they gladly loaned me a nice stroller, for free! The trip there was so stress free! No fighting for lockers, or having to remember quarters. (FYI:I did give a small donation for their service when we left.)
Once we were inside we Bee-lined for the Impressionists, since I wasn’t sure how long Max’s attention span would last and the MIA is quite large. He brought his sketch book and a pen and feverishly sketched every painting he saw. It was adorable and so heart warming. I fell in love with Max even more today ( I didn’t believe it was possible!) I enjoy witnessing him unfurl into himself. Allowing him to lead and direct resulted in an amazing length of attention. This was unexpected. He sat and sketched in about 3-4 rooms, for over 45 minutes. Also unexpected was Zoey’s patience sitting in a stroller. She was enamored with all the paintings, the ceilings, and people. I kick myself for checking my phone on accident, so I didn’t get any pictures of our day. It was so much fun. The next day at pre-school, max couldn’t wait to tell Miss Sue he saw a “Real Money!”
On Sunday we are going to head back for the family day, since Amelia was sad to miss out on our adventure.

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