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I love our tiny humans

January 30, 2015

Usually it gob-smacks me during an everyday task like folding little articles of clothing, cutting hotdogs into tiny pieces, or replacing the blankets on my sleeping children – how much I love them. The visceral ache of selflessness unknown to me before my children arrived, and the only adjective we have to describe this, love, is inadequate. I bet another language gives this emotion it’s own entire word, but in English we are stuck with love. I guess it will have to suffice. I love them so much I need to make up a new word to describe how deep. I will never meet another three humans I would have instantly jumped in front of a bus for (without hesitation)within 1 second of knowing them.

I am so blessed with 3 children. At times I ache for a 4th child… But I don’t feel them haunting me like Zoey was before she was conceived. I felt like Zoey was lying in wait for us to bring her home. And love her.

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