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Badlands South Dakota Summer 2014

January 26, 2015

As children Guy and I both took many cross-country car trips, the only difference his were for pleasure and mine were to take one of 6 stressful uprooting moves back and forth from Minnesota to California. It means a lot to Guy for our children to experience the country and have the fond memories he had. So because I love my husband, I tried to put the post-traumatic childhood association with long distance trips, which triggers me to shut down and get really stressed, and attempt a “fake smile” and composed demeanor. (I failed miserably.) Next year we have a plan for helping me cope with the car ride (sound canceling head phones and a sippy cup with some mommy juice or possibly a prescription of Ativan.

Either way once we arrive we had a grand time!
We saw Mount Rushmore, Hiked Sunday Gulch, toured Jewel cave, drove through Culver State park and had a close encounter of the buffalo and wild burro kind, went to Wall Drug, rode a jackalope, visited Keystone, drove through the pig-tails, and ate near lake Sylvan. Thanks Jennifer N.for all your suggestions and letting me text you during our trip for suggestions.



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