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Girl time- Donuts and Checking out the new library

January 23, 2015


Today Amelia was out of school, but Max had preschool. So you know what that means?


My girls and I headed down to Mojo Monkey to get some donuts and coffee. (Also to pick up their super generous donation for our upcoming ECFE basket raffle.) Their donuts are delicious. Organic coffee only a buck! I forgot to take pictures since we were chowing down, but I promise they were delicious and we were smiling. And I struck up a conversation with a fellow mom, who I thought I recognized and then said she thought she recognized me. Caw Caw!

Of course in a huge city, I often seem to run into someone who knows me from Facebook. Which is awesome and unnerving at the same time.

:::::Funny enough, I actually quit Facebook this week for an indefinite period of time. Though, I don’t know how long that might be, I am shooting for 6 months minimum. Long story short, it’s because I don’t like gossip. I despise it! I make a concerted effort not to participate in gossip, or attempt to perpetuate it in anyway. Yeah I’m out. Good riddance!  Ugh… I am not important people. Please stop talking about me. Move along. Find another target, please. Better yet, don’t find another target and, put your guns down::::

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Then, we headed down to the Highland community center to check out the newly remodeled library. It is beautiful, a little industrial for my tastes, it needs some art. I love how clean and new it feels. Did I mention how CLEAN it was. (Clean public places make me happy! I was sick from Thanksgiving until after the first week of January. Bringing my kids to public places during this particular flu season has sketched me out.) 








Girl time ended after we picked Max up from pre-school, made lunch, napped/quiet time.

Then snowman time started!

It’s 36 degrees for Minne-snow-ta in mid-january is downright balmy. The snow, slightly melted, and perfect for creating a snowman or woman.

imageSorry this shot is so bad! It was through the screen of our 3 season porch. I didn’t feel like getting my boots on (no coat needed when it’s 36 degrees) and didn’t realize the screen would photograph so poorly. My bad.


We concluded our day with homemade pizza, a movie, and a negative biopsy report! Yay!  My husband, Guy, brought me home a 6-pack of cider. Which is better than a bouquet of flowers. I love him. I love my little family. Life is good. And that is what matters.

UPDATE: I’m back on Facebook, but in a much more intentional way.

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