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Dress up time

January 22, 2015


imageThese girls get along so well, for now. Here Amelia and Zoey are playing dress up. On Zoey is one of our old un-dyed play silks, as a cape. In the past it has been used to play peek-a-boo, to hide toys to learn object permanence, a veil, a skirt, a dress, a flag, a table cloth, a blanket, a sash, a sword holster, a belt, a parachute… You get the idea. Open ended toys are the best!

Play silks have the longest shelf life ever! We have used these since Amelia was a baby. Dharma trading company or Sarah’s silks are both excellent places to get play silks. The dyed ones seem a bit spendy, but their shelf life of play is at least 8 years. In my opinion, play silks are a necessary toy in every child’s collection.

Other toys that we love which seem to provide years of open ended play:


Legos (of course)


Matchbox cars

Wooden Blocks

Play Kitchen


Tote bags


What are your favorite open ended toys?

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