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Afterschool Fun and Parenting with Empathy

January 22, 2015


Afterschool we try to keep it low-key for my sensory sensitive daughter. I admit, I haven’t been as proactive regarding afterschool activities as I was in the beginning of year. The transformation from the lazy days of summer with just her siblings and I, to a class of 28 other six-year-olds, was a challenge for Amelia. I directed the after-school energy to tactile in an attempt to help her get those tense feelings out, instead of understandably snapping our heads off. Have you squished play-doh recently? I highly recommend it! Try it, I predict you may instantly relax. This is what usually occurs for Amelia. As she smooths out the play dough her nerves smoothed out and the rough edges softened. I can empathize with Amelia and her challenge with transitions. Instead of ridiculing her, as I often experienced as a child. I am consciously working on providing her a safe landing where those rough edges are allowed, and also processed in healthy ways. I get it, we both are grumpy when we wake up, don’t like change, and are flexible only when we know exactly what is going to happen next. Ha!

Play-doh is a perfect afterschool activity for my child to help her transition. What are your go-to after school activities? What activities help your child (ren) transition?



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