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Summering and sickness

June 11, 2014

ImageThe first week of summer vacation started with a sneeze and a cough and 3.5 ear infections (2 for Max and 1.5 for Zoey) poor babes. So far we have laid low turning down 3 play dates, abandoning vacation bible school (sorry Jesus), and learning another lesson in letting go. (Funny how these opportunities for learning find us?) I have tried to limit screen time, one reason is because my children engage in prolonged imaginative play and practice problem solving. Their creativity astounds me! In the picture above they are driving into “infinity…” Which then initiated a conversation regarding if there is a beyond infinity? Now I’m not a quantum physicist but I said, infinity goes forever, “forever? It never ends ever?” Nope.


Now many parents might not share my excitement for summer, but I am excited. I am excited to be with Amelia full time! I’ve missed her so much. I love her and who she is and the lovely kid she is growing up to be. I am so honored to be her mama.

Max is in heaven now that Amelia is home. He missed her so much last year. He thrives with people, he is not introverted. Amelia is a bit of an extrovert and introvert. We will need to communicate to protect her much needed down time from her gregarious brother.

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