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Ordway Field Trip

May 28, 2014

ImageMy Amelia has nearly completed her first year of school. Our kindergartener no more, she will soon be a first grader, “In ten days mom!” She likes to remind me daily counting down each day. Yesterday I attended a production at the Ordway with her class of doe eyed six- year-olds. Myself along with her teacher and 2 other parent volunteers weaved a thread of 27 children through 3 blocks of down town streets (due to construction). Keeping them in a line almost seemed criminal, because there was too much for them to explore, but for safety and time’s sake we gently coaxed them into the building and into their seats, not losing anyone along the way. (Thankfully!)

We saw “Step Afrika”  which is an African American dance group promoting educational excellence, teamwork, discipline, and commitment through the arts and “stepping.” They were electric! The children were enmeshed, moving their arms and tapping to the beats. Amelia was a bit overwhelmed through most of the performance, so I held her close. (My girl has a hard time in loud busy environments.) Image

It was blessing and no small feat to be available for her yesterday. Though we parted with tears because I needed to jet away to pick up her brother and sister, she said she was so happy I made it. So was I. Being fully present for our children, no matter their age is what matters.

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