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House hunting and what’s cookin’ good lookin’

September 18, 2012

House hunting. Arg….What a chore! It’s much like dating, in my opinion. Especially when going to those daunting open houses. You walk in, sniff…ok no offensive odors. Walk around and think, “ok, I like this, I don’t like this, I could live with this, maybe.” We all know, like in finding the perfect mate, there are some non-negotiables. For me it is the kitchen. It can’t be too big, or too small. Just right… Lots of counter space, a gas stove ( none of those glass top wannabe cooking surfaces.) A place for my cooking supplies. A fridge located inside the kitchen, not around the corner. Counter space, or the ability to add more. Don’t get me wrong, I have my dream kitchen, but realize it may not be attainable in Saint Paul in house with all the other features we are looking for.

Why am I picky about my kitchen. (do you even read this blog?) I love to cook! The kitchen is the hub of my home. And…once the kids are a little older, I would love to start entertaining again.

So what’s cookin’ here?
These are a couple treats we have whipped up. We = me and the kids. It’s ok Guy.

Homemade yogurt
Cranberry walnut oatmeal banana bread
Coconut crock pot Dahl
Crockpot peach rum chicken
Blueberry nectarine almond crisp
Peanutbutter banana oatmeal breakfast bars
Mini hamburger buns
Beef and black bean burgers
Roasted corn black bean quinoa salad
Peach plum vanilla jam
Nectarine blueberry jam
Peach jam
Vegan avocado pesto with zucchini “noodles”
Chickpea creamy pasta
Canned peaches
Cream cheese chicken
Quinoa pilaf
Banana date bars
Fudge babies
Broccoli vegetable soup
Carrot oatmeal walnut cookies

Stay tuned for post regarding easy family meal planning, for those who hate to plan.


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