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Cherry Pie Time

July 19, 2012





Amelia and I visited the farmers market last weekend for the FIRST TIME this year, yikes! The community I feel whenever I go is palpable I the numerous neighbors and friends I literally bump into on my quest for the best produce around. This visit Amelia and I bumped into preschool friends, ECFE friends, and a dear retired coworker who actually lives in Wisconsin, so seeing her in Saint Paul was a wonderful surprise. On our list was raw local honey, essential for combating those seasonal allergies my poor Amelia and hubby endure, red peppers, and sour cherries. We cam home with kale, raw honey, and a quart of the most beautiful sour cherries I have ever seen.

It took us a couple days to plan our attack in these red beauties. I was jonesin bad for cherry cheese cake, but Guy is not hip to the cheese cake, and god knows I don’t need to consume an entire cheese cake myself…though I am fully capable, don’t worry.

I decided to make something akin to those gas station favorite hostess pies. You remember them in all their transfat corn syrup glory, simultaneously dripping down your wrist and chin. I strived to make a slightly more healthy version, with a full butter crust and organic sugar glaze. And ooh were they good!

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