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Clean enough

June 19, 2012

Hi there mamas and papas, I thought this was so right on during this short summer season. Put down your mop, the clean clothes can stay in the hamper, a good night’s sleep is possible with a dish in the sink. Go play out side with your kids barefoot and track dirt in the house, play so hard that the tub has a bath ring to prove it, and once the kids are asleep read, sew, knit, watch tv, make out with your spouse (wink) heck maybe even get to sleep at a decent hour instead of folding laundry, washing dishes, wiping down the tub. These things will get done, they always get done, the key is to let go….

I am trying while, sipping my coffee, watching the kids play in banana boxes from Costco as my living room devolves into disaster. And behind me dishes ( albeit rinsed) from a late evening jam making session, to kill time with my very awake little gal waiting for daddy to get home around 10pm last night, piled in the sink. And it’s ok. We had fun. Guy came home to a less than perfect house ( living room put back together by Amelia while I nursed Max who refused pyjamas and passed out naked on our bedroom floor) but more importantly he came home to peace. Not a mom who was upset because her house was not put back perfectly, because there were dishes in the sink, because her daughter was STILL up at 10pm, and her son was sleeping on a pee pad In our bedroom. I decided to let go, at least last night…And in my opinion I am a better parent and spouse because of it.


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