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Yoga and community building

June 7, 2012

Today Amelia, Maxwell, and I hit up the parent yoga class offered through the West 7th Early Childhood Center . Amelia showed off her yoga prowess ( proud mama moment) as Max cried and demanded his “baba” aka nursing. I watched Amelia yoga it up while Max nursed. We followed up our hour of hard work w/ free snacks offered by the children’s center and a romp in the park located behind the classroom. All for a drop in fee of $5, a good value in my opinion!

When we got home our totally adorable 4-year-old neighbor Jack greeted us with an invitation to picnic in his back yard. Which his mom, Molly seconded. We enjoyed sandwiches, smoothies, chips, apples, strawberries, and Popsicles. I normally don’t feed the kids white bread, sugary smoothies, Doritos, or artificially colored and flavored things, but what the heck it was a nice treat for the kids. It was also nice getting to know my neighbor, Molly, better. It is SO nice to have normal neighbors! It was also nice to hear another family has the same issues of following routines, keeping their home clean, and getting clean laundry put away.

On a side note

Perhaps by the time the kids move out I will stop feeling like an utter housekeeping failure, and realize I do have it together, just as much as anyone else on any given day!

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