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Sunflower TeePee

June 4, 2012

(I wrote this one last week)Yesterday Guy and I hit Menard’s ( I think a frequent buyer card is in order) and picked up marigold starts, a spray bottle, a bamboo teepee kit and several seed packs of mammoth sunflowers and sugar snap peas. I plan to plant a sunflower teepee based on the recommendation of a co- worker. She said you can hear the sunflowers growing inside. What a trip, if this is true! Either way, they grow fast and the teepee should be fun for the kiddles. Of course we must have two tepees, so I am fabricating another from stray branches and twine. I swear I will take some pictures soon and update the posts! Until the use your imagination. 2, make that 3 raised beds, 5 tomato plants in containers, 5 deck railing planters full of herbs, a large strawberry pot, herbs poking out of each opening, 2 compost bins ( becoming less reaky by the day. Getting my brown and green ratios down!) I am Really enjoying the garden. The kids and I inspect it every morning for ripening strawberries, and new growth. Amelia takes inventory of all her bean plants, and exclaims the zucchini plant is going nuts (which it is) nearly every day. She is learning lessons in patience, hard work, and delayed gratification. I can’t wait until it really starts going gangbusters. but until then, we will continue to inspect, wait, and enjoy the occasional ripe strawberry accompanied by shrieks of childhood joy from all of us, including me.

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