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Happy 5 year wedding anniversary

June 2, 2012

I can’t believe five years have passed, it seems to long and yet feels like it should be longer. In the last five years we have survived 7 moves, two children, law school, the bar exam, 4 job changes, 2 post partum depressions, and a rocky relationship with my MIL. I can honestly say I love Guy more today than the day I married him, and I am amazed how much my love for him has grown roots. Roots so deep, roots so strong, roots so stable to withstand the harsh winds and rainstorms of life. Roots only mirroring the fruit of my love for him in laughter, hugs, kisses, warm meals, dishes washed, recycling sorted, children cradled, compassion practiced. Respecting our own oneness, and togetherness. In the last five years I have learned so much about love and commitment. Marriage is work, much like tending a garden (cliche I know). You have to cultivate the soil, pull the weeds, fertilize, and get your hands dirty from time to time. You have to put up boundaries to protect the harvest from predators. And when holes are chewed and wilting occurs you have to reevaluate the plan of action, act swiftly and accordingly and introduce some new variety or pick off the bugs and move on. Realizing no garden is perfect, stop looking over the fence at your neighbors garden and you start building your own from the ground up. I love you Guy with all my heart. I am blessed each and everyday by you. I am so very lucky to have your love.

I love you Guy

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