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Rotting their brains

May 3, 2012

Every time I let the kids watch tv so I can do things like dishes, fold laundry, or take a poop, I feel like I am rotting their brains. I know I could include them i these tasks(well probably not deficating, but they sure like to be involved when ever I go in to the bathroom, like it is some magical paradise. You know what would be paradise? Going # 2 solo. Word to my childless friends. Enjoy your solo poos, because once those critters are mobile you will never shit alone again.

Back to the rotten brains, yep they are liquefying before my eyes, though Amelia knows bunches of random facts like

Butter helps maple syrup not bubble over

Bluebirds steal eggs from other birds

Grey squirrels don’t like bluebirds because they steal their acorns

Clouds are water in the sky

So at least she is learning something?

I’ll just keep telling myself that….

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