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Forest Fires

January 11, 2012

Forest Fires

“Much like the damage of a forest fire, our spirits can experience similar “natural disasters.” A forest fire is ugly, dangerous, it wipes out all that is good and healthy and beautiful. It exerts its power and overwhelms everything in its path. I think this is both a good and a bad thing. In Nursing, I believe many of us come to a point in our careers where the forest fire has overwhelmed our soul and we haven’t realized or stopped to take a moment to really appreciate the offensive smell of the smoke filling and surrounding us.”

” I learned in school that forest fires are good because they rid the earth of the old, so new creation can begin again, such is the natural cycle of human life. As we proceed in Nursing, we may fail to complete the important growth work which is so integral to how we care for others. We forget to periodically evaluate our own forest—to look for the old and the brittle, the dry bushes, the dry earth, the lack of vibrant flora.”

“When you care for others, it is so easy to forget what your forest originally looked like when you began your walk on the trail. Our time is devoted to service and then we go home and spend half of that time catching up on sleep and then the rest of it running around like mad to get all of our errands taken care of, the bills paid, the kids to where they need to be. Keeping our insides watered and nourished are not on the priority list. A forest fire can also happen when man forgets to respect and appreciate the innocence, peace, balance and beauty of nature. He forgets to make the earth around him a “priority.” This is how man ignites a forest fire within our souls as nurses. “Man” refers to not only the people we care for, but our own selves.”

“We care for our fellow man…and care….and care…..and care some more. At the end of the day…or six years…or twenty years we’ve lost the greenery and possibility that were once in abundance in our own forests. The shady trees are gone, the creeks have emptied of fish and water. They are dry.”

Adapted from a comment by Nurses Interrupted on Facebook.

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