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New Year’s Intentions

January 9, 2012

It’s a new year and with it comes the dreaded, “New Year’s Resolutions”.

Ugg… I hate the thought of resolutions.  In my opinion, it implies we are deficeint or lacking. And perhaps in someways we are, but I still don’t care for this mindset. 2012 is the year I hope to live more intentionally. Instead of resolutions I set intentions.

Here are some of my “New Year’s Intentions”:

This year’s theme is learning with no definite goal, but with the intention of empowerment and personal growth.

Energy work: I will attend 1 healing touch workshop this year.

Nutrition: I will learn more about holistic nutrition practices through books, online resources, friends, and/or classes/workshops.

Fitness: I will feel my body move in healthy ways everyday. I will move with the intention of strength and endurance, not time in the gym.

Writing: I will attend 1 writing workshop with the intention of improving my expression through the written word.

Sleep: I will end each day with the intention of self-care and sleep prioritization. Reframing sleep as “me-time’.

Family: I will interact with my husband & children with the intention of kindness, hospitality, and respect.

Homemaking: I will keep my home with the intention of hospitality of loved ones, not perfection.

Acceptance: I am high-strung and on the anxious-side. I intent to embrace this aspect of myself with open and accepting arms, and not treat it like a defect or deficiency.

Occupation: I will obtain study materials for the Oncology Nursing Certification Exam, with intent to sit for the exam later in the year or early next year. With out fear of failure, but for the intention of becoming a better educated oncology nurse.

What are your thoughts on reframing resolutions as intentions?

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