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Operation Birthday

October 17, 2011

Digging through the unfinished draft pile, thought this post was worth sharing. Better late than never.


July 2011

It has been a very busy summer. I experienced a couple bumps in the road, and spent a little time in the slow lane, but now I am back cruising along at a steady clip, even, from time to time, venturing into the fast lane.

Here is a little synopsis of the last 2 months.

Maxwell turned 1! I can’t even believe it myself. Our little 5# 10oz peanut is now a 20# walking, climbing, and eating machine! He is so tender and sweet yet, loves to wrestle, throw rocks, and scream! He is everything I ever wanted in a son, and more. To be honest I wasn’t sure I was cut out to parent a boy. Now I couldn’t ever imagine not having a son. I am so very excited to watch him grow and to guide him into boy-hood with Guy.

My girl Amelia turned 3! Seriously!?! I know, how is this possible? I ask myself this almost daily. She is so unique and special to me. Her creativity, comprehension and intelligence astound me. Amelia is her own person, which can be at time frustrating. I try to remind myself this is a valued trait, when enduring yet another head-butting session of wills. She is all I ever imagined my daughter to be minus the blonde hair (I thought for sure my dark features would dominate for sure) . I am inspired by her compassion and empathy for others, including animals and insects. I am so privileged, lucky and most of all blessed everyday to be her mother.

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