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Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken

September 13, 2011

Sorry about the blury pic, I’ll do better next time.

These last dog days of summer were HOT, HOT, HOT! What is a gal to do when 3 lbs of thawed pastured chicken pieces are chillin’ in the fridge and it’s 90+ degrees with no central air. Crock pot baby!

I researched on-line about crock potting (is this a word?) , I decided to wing it, literally and figuratively.

I was going for a rotisserie like chicken to shred into many meals. Here is how I did it.

Materials :

tin foil (3 -4 medium sized wadded up balls)



3 lbs chicken pieces (Thighs and breasts, bone-in,  skin on  preferably pastured)

Seasoning of choice (We LOVE the Golden Fig’s Sel de Cuisine and Roasting Herbs)

1/2c water


1: Scrunch or wad up 3-4 pieces of tin foil each about or slightly larger than a golf ball. Place in the bottom of your crockpot. You may at this time also place a couple halved onions in-between.

2. Pour in water and turn crock pot on high.

3. Rinse and dry chicken: prep like you were roasting in the oven. This time we used the spice mixes listed above, but a herb butter underneath the skin would also be dandy!

4. Place chicken in crock. This part was a little tricky. I think next time I will put the breast on the bottom and the thighs on top. My white meat was a little dry, but still quite tender and lovely. BE CAREFUL the CROCK is HOT!!!

5. Place your lid on and turn down the heat to low.

I get all antcy about cold meat in a crock pot so this is my trick. I Keep it kicked up on high until I can’t place my finger on the lid for a count of 10, then I back it down to low. Super scientific right?  This at least makes me “feel” like the chicken isn’t sitting in a cold crock for an extended period. (Call me weird!)

6: I don’t know how long it should cook, if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them! 🙂

 I usually set it up before bed and then wake up to my house smelling like sweet heavenly chicken honestly it’s more like a confusing chicken sauna. Either way it smells good.

 So I guess about 6 -8 hours on low. If you are lucky to have a programable crock it will turn down to warm, which is great for overnight cooking if you happen to over-sleep.

Take the chicken and tin foil out of the crock. Separate the chicken from the skin and bones. Chuck or eat the skin and toss the bones back in to make crock pot chicken stock. I love one pot cooking! Those with toddlers be REALLY careful to get all the bones. I thought I was diligent and still one got away from me. Luckily it was in MY bite of chicken and not theirs.

Word to the wise. Word!



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