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August already?

August 9, 2011

How is this possible? Lounging at a Saint Paul coffee shop patio, September – like skirt lifting breezes, two (tentatively) sleeping children in our double stroller, a college kid strumming his guitar acknowledging my facial cringes with every door slam (expecting to wake my children ending this rare late summer moment of solace).

How is it August already?

Wasn’t it just May?

Wasn’t it just last month my babies had their 3rd and 1st birthdays?  Where did the time go? It’s as if it were stolen from me. This is what anxiety and depression do,  steal my days, steal my moments. Then one day once the haze clears its August. The Summer is gone and I wonder, “Where was I?”

I am here now, enjoying the breeze. Enjoying the moment. Finally enjoying what is left of this summer.



In other news:

Guy and I are going away for the weekend for a work-event (Guy’s work). There will be cocktail dresses, wine tastings, and all around smoozing I am entirely uncomfortable with. I think I will need a LOT of wine, but not too much. We all know what happens with too much wine. We don’t want to release the “wino/giggle monster”. No just enough wine to tolerate the fakeness. Just enough wine to appear to care about keeping up with the “Joneses”.  I am looking forward to alone time with my special man, my love. I am looking forward to spending time with him and actually enjoying myself. Being present with him, reinvesting a little into our relationship and friendship. I am a VERY lucky woman and have a more awesome husband than I could have ever imagined. Even if he can’t cook worth a damn.

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