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Dairy-Free Chocolate Nut Crunch Banana “Ice Cream”

April 22, 2011

This mama was puttering on the fumes of less than 3 hours sleep x 2 days. A  deep fatigue, not even my trusty mug o’joe could touch, lingered all day. I am not a huge emotional eater, but yesterday was one of those days.

::::Recipe Below::::

You know those days -when only drowning in something salty, sweet, and chocolatey will suffice. Too tired to muster the energy for grocery shopping to satiate my gustatory cravings, I had to make-do. The performers:  One bag of frozen banana butts and a handful of stale chocolate cookies to the rescue!

I am not by any measure dairy-free. I love dairy. I mean LOVE dairy! I wonder, at times, if this love affair is unhealthy. I have read and heard quite a bit lately about dairy, sugar, and their link to inflammation . Inflammation is one of those all encompassing, yet silent, culprits ravaging the bodies of “healthy” individuals and my oncology patients alike. The food ( if you can call it “food”) served in to the sick in hospitals is highly processed, cooked beyond recognition, and laden with refined sugar. The nutrition provided to my patients embarrasses me. I want to cook for ALL of them. Until then, if you have a friend or family member undergoing cancer treatment make them this desert. (It isn’t completely sugar-free, but trust me it will be better than ANYTHING they might get in the hospital.  Most oncology patients CRAVE sweet. Chemotherapy affects the taste buds and makes everything taste awful, and sweet is usually the only tolerated taste.  But the refined sugar they crave is the LAST thing they should be consuming(any of us for that matter.) While at work who am I to deny my patient the sweet comfort of cool creamy HFCS laden ice cream? I can’t blame them, like me in my deep fatigue in need of “sweet”, this recipe really, truly satisfies! Honest.

Banana “Ice Cream” Base

  1. 3-4 frozen bananas – I find it easiest to process the bananas when frozen in chunks or slices.
  2. A splash of  “Milk”  – use what you have. To make this dairy free opt for an unsweetened (but not artificially sweetened) almond milk or coconut milk. You may use soy, but I tend to avoid soy as it mimics the hormone estrogen which may increase breast cancer. My fam has breast cancer up the ying-yang. And cancer literally up the ying-yang too! 😉
  3. Pulse the bananas in your food processor or blender. You may blend for a while and think…”nothing is happening stupid Crunchy Soup” until  BAM the magic happens and it transforms from this grainy sludge into a  luxurious cream you’ll want to dive into head first. (Or at least tongue first!) If it doesn’t seem to come “together” try adding a touch more milk, a small splash at a time. We are looking for ice cream consistency, not soup alright. That is unless you want banana soup of course.
  4. At this point you can jazz it up – if desired.  This time I added some organic dark chocolate sauce. Almond butter and chocolate is also divine! Almonds provide a one two punch of protein, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits as well!

Spread your ice cream in a shallow dish/ pan/ pie plate and place in your freezer, now on to the crunch!

Chocolate Nut Crunch

The next time I make something this good remind me to use a measuring spoon! Eye ball the amounts, sorry.

  1.  Hand full of chocolate cookies (I used Trader Joes Chocolate Cats Cookies for People 😉 They don’t need to be stale like mine, but remember make-do right.  Oreos would work too.
  2. 1 -2 tablespoons solid coconut oil
  3. Handful total of almonds, cashews, walnuts (whatever you got)

So the idea here was to make a cookie crust. Pulse in your food processor until combined.  Wait until the “ice cream” has set slightly. Then spread the cookie layer on top and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Freeze for later or consume immediately.

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