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Trails of Thought: Kitchen Geekery

March 25, 2011

While some people dream about Brad Pitt, sex or Brad Pitt and sex – I dream about kitchens.  Yep, kitchens.

(Personally, I am not of the Brad Pitt camp. I don’t see the appeal. Now give me Russell Crow and my story may change. )

So it’s no surprise this post on The Kitchn featuring the MOMA exhibit Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen really got my heart a-pumpin’. It’s kitchen porn!  Picture after picture of kitchens and kitchen utensils. The Frankfurt Kitchen designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky particularly piqued my interest. Never heard of it?  Neither had I before last Fall when Weekend Edition on NPR did a segment about it. Ever since then I have wanted to see this proto-type of my dreams.  If you have ever wondered about why our kitchens are designed the way they are with built-in bins, undercabinet storage, pullout drawers and a four-burner stove, you might be a kitchen geek like me too.

Learning more about Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s design, I see how she meant to empower women by raising the status of housework and by doing so, freeing time for women to develop professional pursuits. Not that men aren’t capable of participating in the preparation of food, but were talking about the 1920’s here. A thought like this was revolutionary! Thank the women of the 1960’s and 70’s for getting men into the kitchen to reap the benefits of Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s genius.

I also have a weakness for pictures of food too (aka Food Porn).

Join me in my geekery. Do you fantasize about food, kitchens, and the like?

(I am referring to non-sexual ways of course – let’s not go all 9 1/2 weeks here.)

P.s. I don’t necessarily care for the word “porn”. But nothing else seemed to fit. So there you go.

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