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Trails of Thought : Poop Monsters

March 11, 2011

Wondering where I have been? No? Well if you are one of the inquiring minds of my readership “Bakers Dozen” – yep there are 13 of you! I am not superstitious about the number 13 – I was born on the 13th. Let’s make this a full “Case”!

If you haven’t sign up yet, take a looky over there to the left and click on that little button. You know you see it. Yep, the one that says “Slurp Your Soup”. It’s ok , give it a little click.

Now didn’t that feel good?

So What about the “Poop Monsters” Don’t worry, keep reading…

 So based on everyone’s suggestions here I decided it was time. Time for me to start taking care of, well…me. I joined a gym. Usually, when I join a gym it goes like this.

I join the gym. I go three times and then I never go again. The membership is unused for about a year until I decide it is time to stop wasting my money. I try not to think about the actual cost of those measly  THREE workouts.

Not this time. I have gone about a dozen times and have lost about 4 lbs. (I have about 20 lbs to lose but this is not the ultimate goal.)  I run before work twice a week and  do 2 yoga classes / week. It feels SO good to get back into yoga again.  I did it a LOT of yoga in college, but for some reason I fell away from it – only dabbling here or there. The relaxation benefits, for me,  are immediate and love the extra strength I am attaining. Though I don’t remember yoga being so difficult, but again, I have never been this out of shape before either.

The health club also has the added bonus of a childcare center, which I have frequented with my children. Amelia LOVES it! At only $ 5 / month per child for up to 2 hours/ day – it’s a STEAL.  Even if I don’t ever use the gym and just use my membership for childcare to hit the attached café (with WiFi) for me time, it is worth it! What I don’t love the stomach flu (aka Poop Monster)Amelia  probably caught there! It was bound to happen. I  haven’t worked out since LAST FRIDAY and I feel gross. Like my friend Meghan says “I feel gross – like when I haven’t brushed my teeth – if I don’t work out.”  I can totally relate. now. Hoping to get the ick off this Saturday during Spin Class.  (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Beware of The Poop Monster!

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week Amelia had at least 15 episodes of diarrhea – many incontinent. We were “Pull-Up” dependent (albeit cloth) this week.

With the assistance of my good ol’ friends – saltines, Pedialyte, apple sauce and  finally “Clorox” – the Poop Monster finally realized he over stayed his welcome and high tailed it out of here! (One can hope!)

*Bleach is NOT something I use often in our home, but  to eradicate the Poop Monsters – even I will resort to bleach!

Cheers to healthy days to come!

I also hope to have lots of new posts to share soon.

Stay tuned for :

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Have a great weekend!

See you here next week.


p.s. I just googled “Poop Monster”. Ok gutter brains I had NO IDEA! I am not changing this post. This is a term Guy and I use when someone doesn’t flush the toilet, “Who was the “Poop Monster” or “Poo Monster”?!? Just like when someone passes gas we ask, “Are there ducks here?” Or “Who stepped on a duck?” (Farts sound like quacking ducks…got it? Ok.)
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