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Ding Dong the kids are gone!

February 28, 2011

I did it. Finally after 6 years I did it. I surprised Guy. Now to be completely fair it isn’t his fault I haven’t pull off a surprise…umm ever. It is because I am a TERRIBLE liar and I am terrible at keeping fun secrets.

I am usually like Aunt Sue –

I brought the kids over to my mother-in-laws and took my husband out for a steak dinner. For those who know me well, realize this is a HUGE deal. For you see I didn’t eat red meat for over a decade and only recently converted back into a red blooded carnivore while pregnant with Amelia and Maxwell. I devoured a butterknife steak for two with my love. (Ask me 10 years ago –  if I would have done this – I would have said,”Never!”)

Then on Saturday – Couples Body Massages. Heaven is an understatement.

Followed by brunch by Lake Minnetonka. Delicious!

Mind you, I had a “Groupon” or the equivalent for these outings.

Guy was throughly impressed. Beats going to Chuck E. Cheese (which was his plan for Valentine’s night with the kids.)

Gotcha Guy!

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