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Interweb Meanderings – Coconut Oil

January 10, 2011

 Time for the latest edition of Interweb Meanderings. This week we focus on coconut oil. Why? Recently, I attempted to round up friends to go in with me on buying some coconut oil in bulk. Most of my friends (honestly to my surprise) are not on the coconut oil bandwagon. In addition, I received many questions regarding how I personally use my coconut oil. These questions prompted me to share what I do and what I love about the beloved coconut.

In my (humble) opinion, coconut oil’s uses are infinite. Not only is it yummy in food, it is a wonderful lip balm, baby butt salve, hair tamer, and hand salve.

Coconut has antifungal properties that work wonders on yeasty diaper rashes and skin conditions. Testimonial : Max came home from the hospital with a NASTY diaper rash. Poor little man, only 3 days old with an open bleeding rash on his tush. (Remind me to bring cloth dipes to the hospital next time…that is, if I go to the hospital next time…) I blame the perfumed, dioxin laden, disposable dipes for his atrocious rash which readily turned into a fungal mess! Upon the recommendation from my chiropractor, I used coconut oil on his bum. Seriously worked like MAGIC! The rash was SIGNIFICANTLY improved overnight and gone completely in two days.

Just apply coconut oil straight on to the bum…I called it “Bum Magic”. I mixed it with a little cornstarch, but found this to be a bit messy. It also helped those adorable meconium poops to slide right off the skin decreasing the irritation from frequent wiping.

Winter dry chapped hands and lips are no match for coconut oil’s moisturizing properties. I will rub a dime sized amount into my hands before bed and wake up with dewy, moisterized hands.

 Tame curly, frizzy manes with just a dab. Coat the hair at the ends with coconut oil before swimming to protect from the damaging effects of chlorine.

 I could go on and on …you get the idea. To quote the always lovely Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.”

Instead of posting tutorials on all the different uses of coconut lotion. Here are a few places to go to learn more about the plethora (Amelia’s new word of the week) of uses for coconut oil. (Why reinvent the wheel?)

Learn how to make coconut butter and bees-wax hard lotion bars for personal use and gifts.

Made On Hard Lotion Blog – This blog (written by the same woman as the tutorial above Renee) is plum full of information on coconut oil and other healthy oils and waxes for cooking and body care.

Free Coconut Recipes So now you have coconut oil, now what do you make with it. This site has an abundance of coconut recipes (beverages, entrée, soups, salads and sides, baked goodies, desserts, breads, condiments, dressings and sauces). Seriously, if you ever doubted the versatility of coconut oil this site will change your mind (and whet your appetite).

Gut Scrapper Bread – a wonderful and healthy homemade bread with (you guessed it) coconut oil.

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  1. January 19, 2011 1:19 pm

    We love coconut oil here. I buy mine by the gallon from 🙂


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