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Snow Time, baby Jesus, and Golden Fleece Diapers – oh my!

December 5, 2010

I am currently in the honeymoon phase with good ol’ father Winter.  It will be different story in the middle of February but for now, I am in definite love with Winter. Ok, ok… more accurately I am in love with my daughter’s love for “Snow Time”.  

“It’s Snow Time mom! I go sledding at grandma’s house and we go really fast and then we crash and I laugh like this [insert Amelia mimicking herself laughing] and I make snow angels. I make little ones and Grandma makes BIG ones. And I’ll drink hot chocolate, make snow man with grandma “Cammel” and I wear my jacket, my hat, my gloves and my SNOW PANTS! And then baby Jesus coming, yep, He is Mom. It his birthday, yep. Baby Jesus is going and bring me presents! etc…” 

 You get the idea.  Amelia loves father Winter and baby Jesus. How can I NOT share in her joy?  I really don’t know where she came up with the concept of baby Jesus bringing her gifts other than I explained to her Christmas was a celebration of the birth of baby Jesus, like a birthday party. I guess 2 year old logic goes like this: Amelia’s birthday party = gifts for Amelia.  Baby Jesus’ birthday= gifts for Amelia. I mean, it makes perfect sense right?!? 

Speaking of baby Jesus, Amelia cracks Guy up  every time she talks about Him bringing her presents because of this scene from Taladega Nights: “Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden, fleece diapers, with your curled-up, fat, balled-up little fists pawin’ at the air…” Classic, just classic.  

Disclaimer: I mean no offence or disrespect for Christ in this posting. Just some humor and insight into the psyche of my husband and toddler.

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