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On the 1st Day of Crafting My 2-year-old Made for Me – A Hand Painted Egg Carton Christmas Tree

December 5, 2010

The 12 Days of Crafting:

1 Hand Painted  Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Max’s afternoon nap time is now called, “Amelia Special Time”. Originally, I coined this term to help Amelia cope with all the attention Max gets. I would remind her when Max takes a nap we will have, “Amelia Special Time”. It helped to decrease the tantrums. Amelia thrives in the creative arts (dancing, drawing, painting, singing, playing instruments, making up silly songs, sculpting play dough, etc…) so usually our “Special Time” is something within this realm. This special carved out time everyday for  just Amelia and I is a reminder to slow down, sit down and create. It  is more than a diversion and a tantrum preventor. We create not only crafts, but we create memories and traditions. Traditions I hope will carry on for some time to come.

To get into the holiday spirit we started the  “The 12 days of Crafting” :

On the first day of crafting my 2-year-old made for me – 

A Hand Painted Egg Carton Christmas Tree.



and two glittered baby feet…


Obviously, Max woke up, but he didn’t stop our fun and managed to dump a container of glitter all over himself.


Materials For Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft (Inspired by A Little Hut)
  • One egg carton – not the styrofoam kind (cut and use only the bottoms of the egg carton)
  •  Green and brown paint
  •  Background card stock or construction paper
  • GLITTER!!!


  • Paint 10 of the egg holders green and two brown (for the trunk)
  • After the paint has dried, cut the bottom 3/4″ of each egg holder
  • This is the fun part. GLITTER! Instruct your child make glitter decorations for the tree with white glue. Toddler Tip: Fill plastic containers with a little glitter and let them dip the egg cartons into the glitter instead of sprinkling the glitter on top.  My six-month-old still managed to flip an entire container of glitter on himself when I wasn’t looking. Beware of the sparkly children, and sparkle sh*ts.
  •  Glue onto card stock or construction paper into a tree shape with hot glue (parents do this step please!)
  • Hang up and admire or frame without the glass.

 Stay tuned to Crunchy Soup for more crafts,

and creative gift ideas

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